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My reaction to Twilight

By Roshni Sabbarwal


Well to say the least when I found out we were watching Twilight I couldn’t wait for the film to end, for me I find the storyline a little bland, the script is the most annoying thing throughout the film. This is because the words didn’t flow when Edward said to Bella ‘I like watching you sleep’ Bella didn’t seem to be horrified that she has a stalker and maybe thats the way it’s supposed to be. 

However, what I do like about the film is the cinematography there are some nice shots and pans throughout the film, the lighting was good. I’m saying that the technical side of the production was well done. 

Although the film’s budget was around $37,000,000 the make up and costume wasn’t up to scratch, I wonder what they actually spent on make up and costume? Another thing I have to complain about is the acting, Kirsten Stewart, does she have any facial muscles? All throughout the film she seemed to show only one expression which didn’t convince me she was taking this vampire thing seriously or her job.

Overall as you can probably tell is that I do not like Twilight and I do not intend to watch the remainder of the ‘Twilight saga’ because I’m not interested in vampires…I’m interested in Wizards. I like action films with good written narrative and script, and I know that to have a good film it has to start with a really good script.


As far as reactions go I managed to ask some people about what they thought of Twilight and the results were interesting. 

From my family, my sister is the only one who has read the book(s) and said that it was good, but she has never seen the film, which had me thinking what made her not want to watch it? Because she is the targeted audience for the film she fits into the demographic for a slushy teen fantasy romance film.

From a friends view they seemed to like the films and they are making plans to go and see the last instalment of the series. And again they prefer the books to the film because they have complained that the film has some important parts from the book and they are only going to watch the film to ‘silently judge it’.

I asked a teacher and they had said they didn’t like the film because the script was weak and the film was boring and didn’t entertain them one but (I agree with him). Another teacher has said that they have never seen the Twilight films and I don’t blame them.