For this post I will writing about the development of the Cabinet of Curiosities character Paige Silver. Cabinet of Curiosities is a group project about a character that goes missing and the purpose of this project is to get the audience to know the character through props and the things they like to news reports, articles and diary entries.

Character Background story-

Paige Silver:

A 16 year old girl from Canterbury, Kent,  lived with her mother and father, her father is a Judge and her mother is a stay at home mum or a woman of leisure.They are well off and can afford luxuries, The parents push Paige hard into being academic and successful and to have a secure future however, Paige decided to run away from home because she didn’t want the pressure of being academic and wanted to be an artist, she got into drugs and went missing. Her parents are now doing a national search for their only daughter.

  This is her backstory and trying to find it had to be conventional and almost stereotypical, since she is from a upper middle class background, she grew up with money and had a comfortable life, but she chose to lead an ‘exciting life’ or a life that is the complete opposite from hers.

Here are some articles about real life situations of young people who go missing:




However there is one story in particular that is striking and that is the story of the daughter of a millionaire Laura Johnson, assisted youths at the riots in 2011 over te death of Mark Duggan. Why did she assist youths to steal when she could afford items that they were stealing? She is from a rich family, maybe she wanted to appear ‘cool’ to her friends.

This could relate to Paige as she is comfortable with regards to money and wanting to be accepted by her friends she has gone missing. By running away she has freed herself of pressure from her family and has chosen to be carefree.



For the process of developing the character of Paige Silver we have to find or produce newspaper articles, a news report and dairy entry.

Also a video has to be made preferably of a news report of her being missing or  CCTV footage  of her. For audio  maybe a radio plea to bring her back. And a diary entry to write about her feelings so that the audience has some sort of indication of why she ran away in the first place.

As a group we have to produce a presentation featuring all of the things listed above.


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