3. Analysis

Good Boys– Click on this link to view the short film.

Directed by: Jonas Akerlund

This is a short film by the Swedish filmmaker Jonas Akerlund, Jonas Akerlund has made music videos for The Prodigy, Lady Gaga,The Rolling Stones, Madonna etc. He is known for his controversial style e.g The Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch up’ Music video which was banned.

The film is stylised as a black and white silent movie, there is no dialogue other films like this would be ‘The Great Train Robbery’ 1903 directed by Edwin Porter, it was one of the first films to have a narrative. What makes Good boys differ from ‘The Great Train Robbery’ is the use of shots and more scenes, there are more props and and characters and extras. The is music on Good boys this to keep the audience entertained since there is no dialogue.

The narrative is about a White Clown who is in love with a Ballerina who he works with in the circus. However, there is a Black who is also in love with her as well, they both fight for ‘supremacy’ and one of the them dies.


Characters: The White Clown is the one who meets his tragic end as he fights over the love of his life. The Black Clown is the one who had the girls but kills the White Clown. The Ballerina falls in love with the White Clown as he dies and promises to never betray him.

Symbolism: The use of using the Black Clown and the White Clown could symbolise Good Vs Bad

White Clown= Good

Black Clown= Bad

The White Clown wears his heart on his costume and gives it away to the Ballerina this is to obviously symbolise love since the film is silent the actions have to be obvious compared to a film that does have diegetic sound.

Clowns are used to entertain people and this film is showing a personal side to the White Clown’s story – his love life- and because he is in a dilemma people are mocking him and laughing at his expense regardless or his professional life.


The use of shots are interesting due to close up shots used, a conventional silent film would not be good in terms of camera angles there are wide angles and close up angles that’s used a lot to convey emotion to the audience. There is no panning because the film still sticks to the conventions of silent film.







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