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In this post I will be looking at the work of Luc Besson, he has written films such as ‘The fifth Element’ “Leon’ and ‘Taken’. Besson’s work consists of writing, directing and producing. Here are some of the films he has written and directed himself. Leon is a film about an assassin who takes in a young girl after her family are killed by a drug gang. He trains her to defend herself however, she falls in love with him and they plan to kill her family’s killers.

The Fifth Element is about a taxi driver who meets a young woman and together they must find four stones that could stop the Earth from being attacked.

Leon the Professional (1994)

The Fifth Element (1997)

Taken (2008)

Although he has directed films, I want to look into his writing, Besson’s style of writing is fast-paced action as well as stylish. This is because he specialises in thriller, sci-fi and action films he has also an animated film called  ‘A monster in Paris’ (2011).

Besson manages to put French influence into his scripts because of his background for example in Leon the main character is French, in Taken the story takes place in Paris, France. Also in relation to these two films Young girls are stripped of their innocence by being forced to be adult both relying on a strong male character to save them from the ‘bad guys’.

Besson, was born in Paris he moved to the US aged 19 and learned to work on film. He also includes characters that are solitary  “sensitive, poorly socialized heroes who, faced with the unjust thwarting of their desire, are forced to exact savage retribution.”  This explains why Leon lives on his own and has no wife or children, his friend is a plant until Matilda comes along. The film Leon is written as a thriller something that Besson is known for, he tends to make his characters a gritty and the male characters especially are strong and seem to carry weapons.

His success has awarded him an Academy Award for The Big Blue (1989); Lumiere Award 1999 for The Fifth Element; Lumiere Award for Joan of Arc (2000) The film A Monster in Paris was nominated for a Cesar Award in 2012, he has been nominated and won many prestige awards for best screenplay.

Upcoming projects:

These are the upcoming films that Luc Besson is working on at the moment, it has been announced that there is going to be a Taken 3 (I wonder what will happen this time?) The films listed below are not directed by him but written by him.

Malavita- 2013 (Writer)


Three Days to Kill – ??? (Writer)

Brick Mansions-2014 (Writer)





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