4. Evaluation and reflection

This post will be an evaluation on ‘I saw the Devil’.

Title: I Saw the Devil

Director: Jee-Woon Kim

Release date: 2010

I’ve seen this film during my lecture and was shocked. Our lecturer told us that the film wasn’t scary but a thriller. It was so gory and violent, the main character Kyung-Chul played by actor Min-Sik Choi portrayed a psycho very well. The use of blood was too much to handle as the audience were making noises every time something disgusting and gory happened. The storyline was captivating and gory at the same time. I wanted to close my eyes at some points in the film but I didn’t want to miss out on the action. However the storyline had become confusing during the last 40 minutes of the film and I couldn’t catch what was going on and also the length of the film dragged. There were times where I laughed, there were some emotive sad parts when the male protagonist Kim Soo-hyeon played by Byung-hun Lee found his wife’s ring in the gutter where she had been murdered. I had found myself on the edge of my seat as were others in the room. I would recommend to gore lovers to watch this film.

I saw the Devil (2010)

Here is a clip of the trailer of the film.

The Trailer:


By watching this film I have learned that other types of cinema are appealing and worth the watch because it’s not only hollywood that produces good films. I have to give other constitutions a chance because the quality of ‘I saw the Devil’ was good and the script was as well, however the extremities of the gore was a little overwhelming and because this film is Korean they would have different ratings for certification whereas in Hollywood and British Cinema some of the scene would be cut or re-edited.


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