People 2 People Treatment for Documentary

Subject- my documentary will be on my Friend’s Great Uncle Stephen Morgan, who fought in the Second World War he worked for the Army Air Corps. He was reported missing as the German Opposition held him prisoner in Germany.

Style- I want to the style to be gritty and realistic because our character here is part of the history of the event that happened to this country.  I want to use archive footage of the war and also any recent videos of Stephen with his family and if possible, I would like to interview him and some members of his family who know him well. I would like to ask questions about how he felt when he was held prisoner and how his family felt when they thought he might have been dead.

Music used would be from the 1930/40’s era although I would probably use it in a way where it is more calm and melancholy. I mainly want Stephen’s voice to be the focal of this documentary.

Other audio and sound would sounds of explosions and speeches from political leaders.

I would probably have to use archive footage of the War and newspaper clips, as it would be relevant to my documentary.

Relevance- this documentary is aimed at an audience who are interested in history, for family and friends.

I would show stills of Stephen during his younger years when he first joined the Air Corps whist having a voiceover of him telling the audience how and when he was taken as prisoner.

Locations of the place he grew up and also where he trained which is not far form where he lives in Oxfordshire.

Film any scenic areas of where he lives and show archive footage of the war to juxtapose the life he had before he fought in the war.

A close up shot of his medals and photos of family this is to show his achievements in life and bravery.

To finish off the documentary a closing shot of him sitting in a chair next to these pictures and medals.


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