Analysis on logo

Semiotic Analysis on Logo:

In this post I will be analyzing my logo and explaining how it relates to my branding using semiotic analysis.  I was set a task to create a brand and develop an online identity for my productions, so that I would appear professional and serious about my work. A brand is important to any business a way to be unique is to have a logo; a logo is a symbol a visual representative of the company. It’s used so that consumers or the reader can familiarize with a particular company. It should be professional and easy to recognize as well as distinctive, so for this instance my brand is for my production company “Stepping Stone Productions.”


I made my logo by using Adobe Photoshop and the reason why I have named my company “Stepping Stone” is to suggest that because I’m new to the industry even though I have little experience I still want to be recognized as someone who is professional.

Also it has denotes that by taking small steps you will get there. I added four circular shapes to depict stones two of the smaller circles are a reflection in the water, the colour of the ‘stones’ is blue, which suggests water against a black background. Although there is no water features in my image it plays with the mind and it looks simplistic. Upon seeing the image, the viewer will not at first understand the logo however; with the name of the production company it applies the meaning.

I’ve taken inspiration from other famous logos such as Nike ‘swoosh’, the first interpretation upon looking the logo, you would think it’s a simple tick however, it has a deeper meaning to it.



It actually represents the Greek goddess of victory which relates to the company as it’s a sporting brand and winning means everything in an athlete’s mind. I know that this does not relate to the media, but you can get the idea of it.

Before designing my final logo, I had made another one previously, but I felt that it was a little complicated to create meaning to me, it was initially called “Infinite productions”. The logo I had designed did not link to the name of the image and I felt if I had used an “infinite” sign then it would be original, although it seemed like a good idea at the time. The flag shape image did not signify anything to me, the brand I wanted to create for myself. The name, and the colour didn’t suit it as well.




The Logo that I did decide to go with is simple yet effective in my opinion, I feel that it stands out. I find that most Film Production companies choose to have a simple logo to represent their company, for example ‘Regency’, have a the letter ‘R’ as their logo. Miramax has their name as their logo, as the name is unique so it works as representative for the company by itself.





Having a simple logo will allow me to be imaginative and I can recreate my logo probably in a different colour once it has become established to keep it fresh, an example of this would be ITV they recently rebranded the company and logo again this doesn’t relate to film, however in terms of the media industry change is noticeable.


With this logo I would like to make films that would be considered as experimental and also make feature lengths one day, but I have to take small steps to reach my goal. 


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