Reflection 1- Poetic Eyes

For my Poetic Eyes project I decided to look at the issues of the Child Soldiers, I felt that it’s an issue that gets into the news and is forgotten although the issue still stands today as a serious matter. I watched short documentary on television about a child who shot a man because he thought he stole a diamond. Children in Africa are taken from their homes or even sometimes sold by their parents and turn to a life of hate and murder. I wanted to write a poem in the first person so that the audience could hear it form the child perspective. I thought it was more effective that way rather than taking my view into it I wanted the audience to open their eyes by showing images of children holding a gun and pretending it’s some kind of toy and using their innocence as a way to shock the audience. In my poem I tried to create imagery in the words such as using the line “ Their hunger for murder is like my hunger for grain” the word ‘Hunger’ is effective because it draws the listener into the meaning behind the word.


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