Reflection 2 –P2P Research

The research for the People to People module I have a friend who told me about her Great Uncle Stephen, who was a veteran in the Second World War and he was in the Army Air Corps as his regiment. He was taken prisoner and held captive in German prison wards until he eventually escaped and found his way home. I did my research by asking my friend’s family questions about how he managed to escape and whether it had affected him in anyway. I wanted to conduct an interview with Stephen, asking him various questions about his time spent as a prisoner. The visual elements of my documentary was going to be shots filmed around the area that Stephen trained before he was sent off. He trained in Oxfordshire  (where is still lives today) and to have an interview with him walking around the base camps and also in his home as I felt that it would be suitable to get intimate with the character of the story and make him comfortable so that he would open up about his memories of being a teenager and deciding to go to war and the consequences he faced for fighting for his country.


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