Reflection 3: Self-critical evaluation of the production (shoot) of the P2P project.

During the making of the documentary process, I went with Ella to her hometown of Northampton to film an interview with her Grandfather Roy, about his life in music. We found the equipment we took was far too heavy to carry and we could have done with some assistance, however we needed to film in Northampton, as that is where the Roy lives with his family. We had a few issues with lighting as we had no external lighting; instead we used natural lighting coming through the windows to give a natural feel. The shooting of the interview took around an hour and a half and once we had recorded the interview and played the footage back, we noticed that the footage was grainy, which was not the look we were going for. In post-production we changed the exposure to make look better. I did suggest that we re-shoot the whole interview again, however Ella felt that by doing that, the interview would have been wooden and not natural at all like the first time, so we kept the footage as it is. Overall I am quite happy with the end result we worked quite swiftly to get this project done in time.


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