Reflection 4: Self critical evaluation of the completion (edit) of the P2P project.

The editing process took around a week to complete, it was easier because we had an idea of what we wanted to show, and that was how our subject got into singing and how it has effected his life and so on. We had around an hour and a half worth of footage to work with and we only had to edit and create a three-minute documentary. This is quite difficult considering it’s only a short amount of time and there is so much that we would like to add, however we only picked the important parts to show in the final edit.

Crooner- People to People

When we finished the edit we all looked at it and noticed that there are a few issues where the interviewer talks and we didn’t want to include that in the documentary, we just wanted to hear just the subjects to talk. And there is also a bit where there is no audio at all when some still images are shown, I think that there should be talking all the way through.  We didn’t use any cutaways and there were only two shots we used in the final edit. The narrative in my opinion is very strong and fluent; it makes sense as a whole.


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