TV Studio Sessions: Week 1

We have been learning how to use the TV studio in time for our television show which will be after the Easter holidays. In the sessions we all took turns to learn and familiarise ourselves with the equipment and to work fast as a team and as individuals. Each person has a specific role, at first I was in the TV studio and I was given the role as Runner which is a person the basically assists people with basic tasks such as making tea (however there was no tea making involved in that session) , transporting scripts and equipment, sending messages to one person the other just basically running around keeping everyone happy.

The second role was when we were in the TV control room and I was in charge of Directing which I have to say is very difficult, there is a lot of¬†responsibility on what shots you want, where the camera should be positioned how has to be in what shot. Not only do you have to control everything in the studio but also everyone in the control room. I thought I could do it but I really did not want the stress of messing up and everyone being disappointed if we didn’t like the end results. It’s really full on work.



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