TV Studio Sessions: Week 4

Today we were getting used the roles that we were proposed to do. I didn’t seem to do much today as we have no set to work on yet. We are in talks what sort of artwork we should have for the show and what props we need. Some members went out looking for things we would need for the set. We had decided that we want our set to look like an old abandoned house, but we just need to find the relevant props for this and of course the funding.

As a group we are also finding it difficult to get everyone in on time to work on the TV show, some don’t turn up. We also have difficulty getting studio sessions during the week as some of us have jobs as such this makes it really difficult to come in when you have prior commitments on the days we have TV studio sessions on other days of the week. At the moment as a group we are not working fast enough to get the work done.


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