TV Studio Sessions: Week 6

This week we’re just going doing run throughs, we’re even working on set design as I helped put cardboard together to fit the boards in the TV studio. Some members such as the camera operators, the presenters and the Director worked on the filming of the VTs, which is on the challenge, were filmed as well. Things are coming together finally. Next week is when we film the show live. I had to help edit ‘The Top 5 Bails of the Week’, whilst Tom and Nathanael did the graphics for the VT I had to find videos and music and edit the whole thing together which took me around five hours for a 55 second clip.

I hope that we perform well on the day as things are looking up for us as a team. We just need to get timing perfect and also the members need to be on time and on form for the show next week. I know my role is only a runner, but I had suggested to the group that when our presenters perform the challenge task in the studio that we use a boom mike to record the sound, they first wear clip mikes, but when the do the task, there are wires hanging off them and this is a health and safety hazard as we do not want anyone to get hurt. I was assigned to be boom mike operator shortly afterwards.


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