Creative Critical Process

Throughout this module we have been learning the process of making a live TV magazine show. Along side the TV show we also had to make a website that related to the TV show. Since our group had Risky Business as out topic we chose to base the show around extreme sports. The website was an individual task and I researched into other TV shows such as ‘The One Show’ and how the layout for their website reflected on their show. I also looked at ‘Redbull’ since it has a variety of sports that they show and support I felt this would help me with my website I found that these websites were easy to navigate and very easy to read, organized and categorized it didn’t seem busy at all, and I wanted the users of my website to have the same experience when visiting my website.


With the style of the show that we made I wanted to reflect that into my website, extreme sports and the set design and the logo we used in the show was consistent throughout the website. This was to make sure that the users were familiar with the show. I used the logo for NetTV on the website but changed the colour to a vintage colour to look authentic and male orientated because most of our viewers are young males.

For the TV show we came up with a variety of ideas that related to the ‘Risky’ element of the show. The group split into two ideas as some wanted religion as a theme for the show and the rest wanted extreme sports. We felt that in order to develop the show we should chose something that would interest our audience as religion is something that is too sensitive to touch upon as a subject as we would not want to offend people along the way. I found that the ‘Redbull’ website helped a lot when making this website as I found had some relevance to what I was aiming for.



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