During this module we have been learning about transmedia, which is used today in the media to interact with their audiences.  The media industry has changed from whence it started and the Internet is a big part of peoples lives and it is important that the media continues to   be up to date with the world as they are the primary source of information in today’s world. We learned that transmedia is used to send a message via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users use the Internet to convey a message or express views on certain subjects and interact with the rest of the world.

YouTube is the main source to interact with the rest of the world because over 1 billion users visit YouTube each month. It is a good platform to reach out to so many people. Here is an example normal people using transmedia to their advantage to express their views to the world.  The success of this process has changed the way audiences use the media, it has become a vital way to communicate with the world.

TV shows use the transmedia to keep their audiences interested and it’s a way to be interactive with them as well. They use the transmedia as a platform to reach a wider audience, by using twitter and facebook to get the viewer to interact with the show keeps the popularity of the show going. Our TV used the same method, we had our viewers use Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with us they had to send in their tweets of them performing the challenge tasks with us.

Also very early on in the module we made mash-up videos and the purpose of doing this was to make it go viral. Now going viral is an important thing in transmedia because it gains popularity for the person who makes viral videos in the first place. It is a massive platform getting your work noticed on the internet as some people have become famous for it and possibly made careers out of something they did for fun. For example Dan and Phil are two normal people who have used the internet to their advantage. They make videos of them singing, performing tasks and generally being funny. They have a massive fan base and you can tell how popular they are through the many views they receive on YouTube. With the mass popularity they have other media platforms such as BBC Radio 1 have had interviews on the radio shows for the pleasure for their audiences.



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