Evaluation and Reflection

This module has taught me a lot about the media in terms of social media. I have enjoyed all the tasks that were set on this module as it allowed me to be creative although there are some things that I would like to improve upon. Earlier on in the module we had to create a mash-up remix video that was intended to go viral on the internet, this task was hard to conduct due to finding an idea that would have made sense we had to use ‘cassetteboy’ as an example to model our remix videos on. I felt that the remix video was strong as the narrative structure was strong and it appealed to the audience, but it was not funny enough to be entertaining and that was the main purpose of the task. We also had to make a presentation on a fairytale by using Prezi. I felt that there could have been more done on this to make it more interesting, I initially wanted to make more videos for the presentation, but I felt that the work was being left all to me and I was getting no input from my group at the time.

The next task we had was to come up with a brand for ourselves this was to make ourselves more professionally appealing as we aspire to be in the media industry. I felt this task seemed to help me understand the importance of representing yourself as a brand. The other task that I really enjoyed on this module was making a live TV show, at first things were a bit slow and we had encountered problems for most weeks in terms of members of the group not turning up, however during the last few weeks of the module I saw that we pulled together as a group and did whatever we could to make the best show we could possibly do. Filming live was a constant pressure, as we wanted to ensure that we didn’t make any mistakes whilst filming. Of course this was bound to happen, on the day of the filming we made a few mistakes, however we used the best take we had. I can say with confidence that our TV show was by far the best out of the others, because we had the best VTs and we managed to pull through together as a group. The website that we made alongside the TV show reflected on the branding and other tasks we did for this module fitted into it in the end as I now know that social media is just as important as making a TV show.


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