Personal Development

Within this module we have learned about creating a brand for ourselves as media producers. This was to represent our work and company as we media students want to aspire to be in the media industry. By creating my own logo I managed to consider myself as a media professional as branding sells your work not just only in media, but business in general. We created our logos using Photoshop, which allowed us to be creative on what we thought would represent ourselves.

We put our logos on our blog pages to create a professional element to our work; this is because our blogs are used to gain recognition as media professionals. Using it on our blogs had helped me become more professional as well considering to better myself. From learning about how important branding is I learned that I present myself as a package to my work and to other professionals that I would like to work with. We also had to consider making our social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter pages look professional or at least keeping our private life hidden from the Internet, as many people would come across your profiles and judge you. We had to create other accounts on these social networking sites to represent our professionalism.

By doing this module we have certainly learned that it is important to consider ourselves as professionals instead of student as this allows us to gain experience when we go out into the real world and we would have the knowledge on how media is basically like any other business and that branding is the forefront of the company.



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