Monthly Archives: October 2013

Canon 60D

This week we were given access to use the Canon 60D cameras, which is a lightweight DSLR camera that can record video footage as well as taking stills. With all things there are Pros and Cons with these products. This product is compared to the Nikon D90 and so forth.


-The DSLR camera is compact and lightweight easy for transport if you don’t want to carry industrial sized cameras.

-Films in full HD quality with an 18 mega-pixel resolution.

-It can film in a 24p which can give a cinematic picture.

-It has different settings so you can get the image or film you want to achieve. 

-You can get many different lenses

-It has a LCD screen so you can see what you are filming.



-It’s a little pricey that’s only if you’re a student, but otherwise it’s not overly expensive however, lenses are costly such as the 50mm Macro lens which is around £1000.

-It’s difficult to hold still when filming especially freehand shots, this is because it’s mainly for amateur use and not professional, although professionals do use them.

– The buttons on the camera are a little bit fiddly, but this takes some getting used to.

– The Auto-exposure is bad under low light, this has to be done manually.

-Because it records in HD quality it’s not good to film serious dramas on it because you won’t get the look you’re achieving for.

– Recording audio sounds are abysmal and you need to have an external audio recorder. Otherwise the microphone on the camera will pick up sounds of the camera whirring and clicking which is something you don’t want to happen.

Overall this is a good little camera with it’s compact lightweight, easy to use and films great quality shots. I would say that this camera is good to film live sports or documentaries because it it picks up every detail making the image look crisp and clear.