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Process and Development- Assessment

The process for my first artefact on ‘Fear’ came about when I interviewed a friend of mine of what she feared most, the outcome of it was intriguing because she never openly spoke about it. Her story was quite unique as she feared of being rejected by people. This inspired me to look deeply into the real fears that people have and so I asked more and more people and the outcome was pretty much the same. I watched a video that was a social experiment on ‘what song are you listening to?’ by Tyler Cullen, which was made in New York where he asked random people on the streets of New York what song they were listening to on the mp3 players. It was interesting to see the response because whilst some where stereotypical other responses weren’t, and that started off my initial idea.

So from this video, I wanted to do something less light hearted and something more serious, and quite personal. I know that my fears are the same as my peers, but to really get people to open up to me was quite hard. The development of of my idea was to do vox pops, but I found it quite hard to get participants to interview, so I took the initiative to interview a couple of people, and whilst the other interview didn’t make it into the final edit, the one that did was interesting and very personal. When filming I had a view issues with sound, I recorded on an edi roll and the recording was too quiet and there was a slight buzzing sound which I had to edit in Adobe Audition to reduces the hiss. When it was edited the sound was too quiet in the final edit. I would like to re-record the whole thing again just to sort out the sound.

The progress so far is to find more people to interview as I want to start making a short documentary ranging from different ages just to see what the fear and why, so for example I would like to interview with older and mature people to see if their fear is different from mine. Maybe their fear changed overtime so if a person with children has a fear, is it for their children or for themselves? Or an elderly person could be death, or loneliness etc. These are the interesting questions that I want to ask.


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