Cabinet of Curiosities

For My cabinet of curiosities I’ve chosen the following:



Donnie Darko- Is one of my all time favourite film because the narrative is so unique to what is out there. It’s such a great indie film.

Shawshank Redemption- Is another good film in my opinion based on the narrative.

Lord of the Rings- This film is great because of the CGI that is used throughout it is interesting how the film was made when you watch the special features on the DVD. The story is good and the way it was shot is good as well.

Sin City- is really good in terms of style. It is really cool how it looks like a comic book style and the shots and use of colour-or not- is really interesting and the it stands out to me because of that.

Leon- The storyline for this film is good, the action sequence and the script was amazing in my opinion, the characters is what stood and the shots used was interesting and stylish.


The Big Bang Theory – is funny because of the whole concept of the show is around science and comedy, it’s the best combination in my opinion.

Wonders of the Universe- I like watching this documentary series as it’s about the universe. I’m interested a lot about space.

New Girl- a funny comedy show about a quirky girl, this show is funny because of the script and narrative and the characters of course.

Mad Men- it’s such a stylish drama and I love how it represents the 60’s.



Directors I Admire:

Peter Jackson- Lord of the Rings

Stanley Kubrick -for A Clockwork Orange








David Bowie is the an inspiration to me because of the way he reinvented his sound and image and how he made rock music ‘Glamorous’.

Ladyhawke- Her music is cool and I like indie music because it’s easier to listen to rather than mainstream music.




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