Developing a Narrative

For this assignment I’ve been told to develop a narrative based on a 2 suggestion on how the story opens

A: There is a hammering on a door, it opens to reveal a dishevelled

breathless person, why? How did they get this way…

B: There is a hammering on a door, why? Dare the door be opened? If so

what is revealed….

I’ve decided to go with ‘A’ because it’s more visual.

First of all I have to pitch an idea based on the two suggestions and so far I’ve come up with these (they’re a bit vague, but that’s the point, I have to develop them over the weeks).

one idea I have is that a woman is being followed home by a man, she is totally unaware of what is happening, she gets home  locks her doors and then there is banging at the door, she opens the door to find a man out of breath and he came to return her purse.

Or there’s banging at the door, a man opens the door to find another man telling him his wife has been shot by some youths and needs someone to call an ambulance as his phone got stolen…

I decided not to go for this idea, instead I came up with:

Sam, a quiet, withdrawn, young male is a frequent user of cannabis. He has become paranoid due to the amount he smokes and fears everything and thinks everyone is out to get him. He is so scared that he hardly comes out of his house.

One day he hears the door knock; he is too scared to answer. The person at the door doesn’t stop; he plucks up the courage to answer to reveal a clown at the door something he fears since he was a little kid.

Step by step outline:

–       Sam is in his room smoking weed

–       Sam hears the door knock

–       (CU shot) of the door

–       Sam looks out the window, he sees no one there.

–       The door knocks again

–       He gives up and answers

–       The door slowly opens to reveal a clown

–       He freezes in fright and slams the door shut

–       He leans against the door and slides on to the floor crying

–       A shadow forms over him

–       He slowly looks up

–       The clown looks down on him and smiles

–       Sam gets up and tries to open the door screaming and yelling for the clown to leave him alone.

–       The clown disappears and reappears in front of the door again.

–       A disheveled Sam feels trapped in himself and knocks his head on the door handle

–       He wakes up later realizing it was just a dream, or an affect of getting high.


Scene 1

Sam is in his one bedroom flat above a kebab shop; he is on the sofa zoned out from his joint. It’s dark, smoky and murky, there’s beer bottles on the coffee table; his blanket is on his sofa (this is where he sleeps all the time). Suddenly there’s a banging on the door. Sam thinks it’s his landlord and ignores it. The banging doesn’t go away. He then gets up and looks out the window to see if his landlord’s car is parked at the front, there is no car there. He walks slowly towards the door he puts his ear against the door and listens. He opens the door slowly and pokes head out the door.


There is a person standing tall looking down at Sam who is poking his head out the door. Sam sees this person and jumps back and tries to shut the door. This person is a clown, something Sam, fears. The Clown is trying to hurt Sam and pushes past the door and stands over Sam.

Sam is on the floor screaming for the clown to ‘go away’, but the clown edges closer to him. Sam, runs and hides behind the sofa, where he curls up into a ball. The Clown is a fragment of his imagination and is an effect of smoking too much weed and other illegal substances. He looks above the sofa and the clown has disappeared, he lets out a relieved sigh and leans against the back of the sofa with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes and the clown has reappeared in front of him. Sam jumps up and heads for the door but trips up on one of the beer bottle that has fallen on the floor and hit his head against the door handle and is knocked out, he wakes up a few hours later and realizes that there was no one there to begin with and it all was just a dream.



The script is heavily related to drug abuse and how it can effect a person’s mind and cause hallucinations and paranoia.

I looked on a website “FRANK” which has all the different meanings for drugs and also the effects that certain drugs can do.

“Cannabis can make you feel very anxious and even paranoid…Using it has also been linked, in some people, to serious, long-term mental health problems”


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